What is Link Building in SEO? How to do Link Building ?

What is Link Building in SEO? How to do Link Building ?

What is link Building?

Many people listen about link building is one factor in seo to get your website in ranked but they doesn’t know what is link building?

Today I am explaining you what is link building?


“ Link Building is one process to acquire or to get more links coming to your website from other websites. Which eventually increase your ranking by use of high quality links. Search engine uses links to navigate between pages & crawl the websites. Many links can be created by using hyperlinks. Hyperlinks navigate users to another page on website or to another website.”

Which factors are important to be considered to generate links?

  1. Nofollow:

Nofollow is one attribute which can be used by many website. If this can be added then it can not visible to users. But it mentioned in code or syntax. If this can be included means they tell google  do not pass page rank to particular links which have target url. So it should not help you to get better rank.

  1. Page rank:

Another attribute is useful for advertiser. When someone purchase a products from banner & it includes a link which is coming to your website. Then that time nofollow tag should be added so they do not pass page rank across that link.

There are different links you should included in your blog & on website content.

Internal links/cross linking:

Internal links are the links which navigate users to another webpage on same website. Main moto of internal linking is people visit more pages on website. It increases page views of website.

External links:

External Links are linking of page on your website to a page that’s not on your website or domain.

When we create a links we are always talking about backlinks but there are many categories of backlinks. Natural-editorial, self-created & directory links.

Natural-editorial links are links created by another website & that can be linked to your website.

Self-created links are those links which we hyperlinks to one of text on content So people should know more about that concept & links to another website.

Directory links are links can be easily created it will make sure your business information to be available on multiple websites.

How links benefited to your business?

  • Building relationship:

Link building can have possibility to be reached to relevant websites in your industry. So you’re building relationship with key influencer in your industry. It also give you opportunity to links to another websites.

  • Increased Traffic:

A good links can increased the chances of referral links to your website & it would leads into increases in traffic. Traffic is also relevant to your content.

  • Brand building:

Link building can also help to build your brand & establish your brand in your industry to reach more potential customers.

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