What is Google Adwords? Important Factors in Google Adwords.

What is Google Adwords? Important Factors in Google Adwords.

Today we are learning what is Google AdWords & What are the important factors in Google Adwords.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is most used advertising platform for an advertiser to show their ads on google search & google partner sites. In Google AdWords advertiser bid on certain keywords related to their industry. When a user clicks on these ads then advertiser have to pay for those clicks. There are many factors like cost-per-click, Quality score, Ad Rank etc. which affect on advertising cost. We will discuss this one by one.

Ad Rank :

Ad Rank is a score which is calculated based on bid, Ad relevance, landing page experience.The actual position of your ad is determined by ad rank. To improve your ad rank you have to improve quality of your ad & adjust bid. When you bid higher & your quality score is low then you have to pay more for one clicks. this happens because high quality score ad have higher ad rank & low CPC(cost-per-click).

Quality score:

Quality score determine how your ad performs & how much you should pay for single click. Quality score is google’s rating for quality & ad relevance for your pay-per click ads & keywords. This is depend on many factors like the relevance of keywords to its ad group, landing page relevance & quality,  your ads click through rate(CTR), relevance of your ad text, historical adwords account performance.


CPC is cost per click, CPC means when a user clicks on the ad they spend some amount on clicking that ad. This CPC is determined by your competitiveness of keywords, maximum bid & quality score. Average CPC depends on the keywords & industry. But average CPC for search network is $2.32 & for display network, it is $0.58.

Ad relevance:

Ad relevance is a measurement of how keywords related to your advertisement. Also, the relevance of keywords matches with ad copy & landing page. This will determine & improve your click-through-rate(CTR) & quality score.

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