The Important Guide for Social Media Marketing

The Important Guide for Social Media Marketing

Let’s face it:

People have shifted their attention to Social Media platforms heavily in 2017. Research says that 68% of US adults are now Facebook users and 71% uses Instagram.

That’s a huge audience.

If you are a marketer, blogger, or a SaaS business owner who is not promoting their product or services on Social Media trust me you are missing out on a big chunk of the audience.

It’s 2018 and now is the right time to step-up your social media game and dominate the industry.

“But, many of us saying that I have tried social media marketing a zillion times, and it doesn’t work that great for me. What should I do?”

Social media marketing is a fast learning curve, and you need to transition yourself to the new changing trends. I’m not scaring you, instead, in this guide I’ll share some of my social media marketing tips and show you how you can drive traffic and eventually convert those traffic into paid customers or readers.

So let’s not waste time and dive right in!

Social Media Marketing Definition

Let’s first understand what is Social Media Marketing in a traditional approach.

Definition from Wikipedia:
Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service.

Why is Social Media Marketing Necessary For Your Business?

There are several reasons why you should be using Social Media in the first place. Let’s quickly break it down.

#1. Improves Site SEO:
Google has officially declared that Social Signals are counted as ranking factor in SEO.

#2. Building Relation:
You are not in the business just to earn money. Instead, you are here to make healthy relations with your customers, and social media can help you achieve that.

#3. Building a Brand:
Social Media is the best tool for building a brand presence online. You can actively influence people once you dominate them in your industry.

#4. Drive Sales:
The ultimate goal for any business is to drive sales and get a positive ROI. With social media, you can drive highly targeted sales.

#5. It’s Free:
With almost zero percent investment you can drive hundreds of customers buying your product or reading your blog.

Type of Content to Share on Social Media

What type of content you are sharing on your social media handles is the most crucial part which will decide whether your social media campaign will be a huge success or not.

#1. Infographics
People like to see visuals when compared to a big boring paragraph of text. And when you are sharing useful information in the form of infographics, they’ll fall in love with it. Try to post information-packed infographics every two months on you social handles.

#2. Case Studies
Humana are attached to real things, and real-life case studies work the best on any social media platforms. You can share your learnings, your failures, your recent experiments which you conducted in the form of a case study. I bet case studies get the highest engagement on social media platforms.

#3. Explainer Videos
Videos are levelling up the game, and if you want to be in the market for long, you have to use Video Marketing. An explainer video on how to do XYZ in any niche will work like an evergreen video on Social Media platforms.

#4. Sharing Quotes
Just a 3 line quote can motivate your audience and make them feel good. Be it any niche, you can publish quotes in your niche and keep your audience connected with you. The primary goal here is to always be on top of your customer’s mind.

#5. Secret Tips
Secret tips only work where you can share data in text format. This won’t work on Instagram and Pinterest. However, this will work the best on Facebook and Linkedin.

How to Drive Traffic From Social Media?

We all love traffic, and everyone wants to drive traffic to their website/blog. Additionally, with social media, you can drive highly targeted traffic back to your blog.

Here are some strategies to drive highly targeted traffic:

#1. Choosing the right social platform:
Not all your content is suitable for every social media platform. The content which is working great on Facebook might fail on Instagram. So, you need to figure out which content is best suited for what platform and then post accordingly.

#2. Posting Frequency:
You are here to build your brand and building a brand needs a consistent amount of efforts. Posting frequency is one such factor which decides whether you’ll make or break on social media. If you are posting two photos a day, then no matter what you have to do that daily. Because, after few months or years people will wait for your content and you cannot disappoint them.

#3. Sharing the same content more than once:
You can check your analytics and see which post or page of your website is killing it on Facebook or Twitter. After figuring that out, you can share that specific page or blog with your audience again. There are high chances that a lot of them have missed it at first glance and they might see it this time and convert.

#4. Use Hashtags For Higher Reach:
Hashtags are a great way to get your posts viral. Instagram and Twitter is a great way to experiment with your Hashtags strategy. With Hashtags, anyone can find your posts just by searching any specific hashtag so make sure you include tags which people are actually searching for on Social Media.

Now let’s dive into how you can increase your followers on Social Media quickly.

Tricks to Increase Followers on Social Media

#1. Reach out to Influencers
This is one of the best strategies to increase your social media followers in a blink of an eye. However, this will only help if you have some budget to spend for gaining followers. Contact big influencers in your industry and tell them to promote your social handle in front of their audience.

#2. Do Viral Giveaways
Believe it or not, the viral giveaway chain works like crazy on any social media platform. People will share your giveaway with their friends so that, they can win the prize. Similarly, their friends will share with their closed ones, and the chain goes on and on, and in this whole process you gain a lot of new followers.

#3. Have A Professional Bio
This helps the most when some unknown person is visiting your profile. The first thing they see is what you do and where you belong from. If you have framed it in a professional looking way, there are high chances those people will follow you.

#4. Engage with your Existing Audience
Engagement is a must on all social platforms. If you are posting great content and never engage with your audience, you’ll never be able to ace in Social Media Marketing. The best example is Neil Patel; he actively engages with his audience on all social platforms.

Platforms That Works Best For Social Media Marketing

Let’s now talk about which Social Media platform is best and which type of content can work on it.

With an active user base of 2 billion users you can use this platform to find your prospects easily. If your target audience is between 25-34 years then Facebook is the best option to target for your next social media campaign.

Instagram has more than 700 million active users on their platform. Women use Instagram more than men. The active age group on Instagram is 18-29 years old. If you are a professional photographer or running a travel or food business, then Instagram could be the best option to opt-in for you.

With over 328 million active users Twitter is another great platform to find your target audience all over the world. Again the highest age of people using Twitter is 25-34 years old which is similar to Facebook. Brands are super active on Twitter. However, you won’t find most of the brands being active on Facebook or Instagram. So, Twitter is a complete winner here.

Linkedin is the best professional Social Media platform till date. If you are a freelancer or a small business owner who is searching for clients, then Linkedin can be the best place to find your target audience. Also, if you want to showcase your skills professionally to the world, of course, Linkedin is the best.

Video is the next big thing, and it is going to be huge in the next five years. If you are a business owner or are selling a physical or digital product online, then YouTube is the best way to tap your target audience thereby showcasing your product in the form of a video.
Age group of 18-49 years uses YouTube very frequently.

Final Words:
I hope you liked this A-Z guide on importance and benefits of Social Media Marketing. If you still feel confused on how to begin or are stuck at a certain point, then you can post your doubts in the comment section. I’d be more than happy to help you out.

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