SEO techniques to increase your website traffic

SEO techniques to increase your website traffic

Today we learn about different techniques used in SEO to increase your website traffic.

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There are three different techniques of SEO. Some are useful techniques to get into ranked but some techniques you should avoid if you want your business long lasting. Following are the techniques:

1.Black Hat SEO: 

Black Hat SEO is set of practices which makes your website get into ranked faster in search engine. Black Hat SEO violates the terms of service offered by google. This terms originated from western movies to distinguish “Bad Boys” & “Good Guys”(White Hat SEO). I will explain some black hat techniques you should avoid like hidden text, spam comment, cloaking etc.

  • Unrelated Keywords: don’t add irrelevant keywords to your website or webpage. Add focused content related to your website so people should know what they looking, what they search. For ex. if people search for seo they should seen the webpage include seo related content.
  • Keywords stuffing: It means you are stuffing the keywords that does not make sense for sentence. You should strictly avoid this. Using the keywords naturally make the sentence. For ex. search engine optimization is technique to increase website traffic in organic way. Don’t just stuffing the keywords.
  • Cloaking:  search engine presents one content & visitors will see another content which is conflict to each others. actually tricks to get more visitors from search engine is called cloaking.  You should avoid this technique. Be honest with visitors whatever they see in description they must be seen on webpage.
  • Duplicate Content: Copied content on another site & paste into your site without permission. Write the quality content & original content to your website.

These are some techniques in Black Hat SEO. Do you want permanent or long lasting result for your website? If answer to this question is yes then you should avoid this Black Hat SEO. which make your website de-indexing from Google & other search engine. Then what you do to get ranked here is solution.

2. White Hat SEO:

This technique is opposite to Black Hat SEO. As name suggest it also used technique opposite to Black Hat SEO. White Hat SEO should follow all terms of service offered by Google. It will improve your website performance on search engine. Some White Hat SEO techniques you should follow

  • Use Quality Content: If you want to increase your keyword list then use Keyword Discovery tool which will help you get more traffic to your website.
  • Keywords Meta Tag : Use different variations of keywords in description. Avoid misspelling, wrong keywords to content.
  • Easy to Navigate Site : Keywords can be grouped by relevance. you should easy navigation to your website. So its easy to see which pages have high prominence than other pages. For ex.

Use the automatic grouping for direction on site architecture.

Image Credit: Wordstream

Thinks creatively to ahead of others without breaking any guidelines & rules.White Hat SEO is best practices to getting long lasting results, effective improvements to your website. The new technology is also exist which is neither White Hat SEO nor Black Hat SEO.

3. Grey Hat SEO:

Grey hat SEO is between White Hat SEO & Black Hat SEO. It is difficult to explain because it is not defined by published content of google. it will improve your website ranking without getting negative impact. Grey Hat SEO used technique which is legal today but in some day it becomes black hat. So there is risk of getting punished for using that techniques. Grey Hat SEO is less known because if people should aware of it. They take a steps to prevent it & it becomes black hat techniques.  Different Grey hat techniques as follows:

Spun Content : Copied content from another website but make changes in words or sentences so search engine can not find it is plagiarism. Copied content from more than one website.

Charity Links:  Use different small charity links to your website.  Ask them to link back to you by writing a good article about that charity.

Pay For reviews: Many people writing reviews if they are getting paid for it & it is perfectly legal.

In short, these are three techniques used to increase your traffic to your website. But If you don’t want to get penalized or de-indexed from google & other search engines. Also to get permanent & long lasting result for website then Use White Hat SEO. Which follow the guidelines of google.                       “If you want to win, then there is no shortcut to get into ranked. ”

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